Warby Parker // 2016 Spring Collection

Hello all and happy hump day! As most of you have heard me mention in the past, I am blind as a bat, meaning when I got my driver’s license I was literally told by multiple DMV employees that I can never, under any circumstance, drive without my glasses because I am legally blind (yikes). Anyways despite my super sweet coke bottle-frame glasses choices in the past, I am always on the hunt for cool new frames and that is why I am so excited to be working with Warby Parker to bring your their Spring 2016 collection!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Warby Parker, they are an amazing company with a kick butt cause too! Warby Parker is on a mission to not only provide people with reasonably priced, stylish eyewear, but also to team up with Vision Spring, to provide a pair of glasses to someone in need in a developing country.

Today I could not be more excited to be sharing their new collection with you! The new collection includes both prescription sunglasses and prescription eyewear, and they are all seriously chic. I love the bright, beautiful and bold color choices and with such a wide variety of frames and colors to choose from, there are almost too many good frames to look at! Thankfully Warby Parker also has an in home try on option for up to five pairs at a time! There is no better way to make sure that a frame truly flatters your face than being able to compare it side by side with other frames and the best part is that the shipping is free both ways and you have five days to try them out! Warby Parker makes the whole process wonderfully simple, and with a great cause to give towards, I cannot think of a reason why you shouldn’t get shopping now!

Be sure to pop over and check out the Sun Collection and the entire list of optical Spring 2016 frames!

(My personal favorite pair is the Haskell Sunglasses in crystal!)

Please note that while I have teamed up with Warby Parker for this post, this isn’t a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Warby Parker // 2016 Spring Collection

  1. The Heba Blog says:

    Ah I love ordering glasses online cause it's exciting to see how they look on me when I actually get them. I quite like the sunglasses you chose as I've never tried a clear frame before, so this would be a great one to try. For a great cause to!

    Heba xx || The Heba


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