Cleansing with Pressed Juicery

I am not sure about you guys, but when I heard the phrase “juice cleanse” my heart does not exactly jump for joy. While I would consider myself a very healthy conscious person who does love juicing, the idea of completing an entire day (or sometimes even five days) without consuming solid food is enough to make me shudder. However, I have been hearing such amazing things about Pressed Juicery that curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to team up with them to give you a rundown of my experience doing a one day cleanse!
First off, choosing the cleanse I wanted to do was a whole process in and of itself. They provide you with three different cleanse options depending on your level of comfort with juicing and each of those cleanses can be made into a one, three or five day cleanse. I chose cleanse #1 because it is geared towards people who are a.) new to cleansing and b.) athletic types who will be working out during the course of the cleanse or are just use to a higher caloric intake. This option also includes two different almond milks that basically taste like melted ice cream heaven and are very filling as well as more calorically dense than the other cleanse options.
So what was my experience like!? I am shocked (and pleased) to say that the process was not daunting or grueling like I thought it would be. I drank juice number one right after I had a glass of water when I woke up and I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste (this one was by far the easiest to drink). From that point on you have to drink one juice every two hours for the rest of the day. I was shocked to say that I rarely felt hungry and when I did feel “hungry” it was more that I missed the actual action of eating and not that I was truly starving (the way smokers miss the action of smoking once they have quit). I am the kind of person who eats half their daily calories by 11am so I was shocked when I realized that I didn’t get hungry at all until 5 pm after I got stuck in a meeting and missed one of my juices. 
So what were the benefits of cleansing? To be honest I only finished yesterday and was all too eager to write this post, but I can say that I am noticing strange little things like my eyeballs look whiter than normal and so do my teeth. My body also did not seem to need nearly as much sleep as it normally does and I woke up to write this post far before my alarm went off. I am curious today to see how I do incorporating solid food back into my diet today, last time I did a special two week detox diet my tolerance for sugar and salt was significantly lowered and I still reap the benefits today of not wanting as much sugar or agave in my morning coffee. 
To summarize I would definitely try a juice cleanse again though  because it was super easy and convenient (all your meals are already packaged for the day and ready to go!) and everything was shockingly delicious. I would love to try the one day cleanse one more time before I step it up as I am not sure I have the willpower for a three day cleanse!
 Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?
Thank you Pressed Juicery for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


12 thoughts on “Cleansing with Pressed Juicery

  1. Zuma Ayriyan says:

    I've done 3-day juice cleanse about a year ago and my experience was identical to yours, you described it perfectly! I wasn't hungry but I so missed the action of chewing. And I did feel so much better and energetic afterwards! On a side note, I am too eating more than half of my daily calories before 11am. Great to know that I was not the only one doing it hehe! xoxo Zuma


  2. angelina says:

    I would love to try one, but they're quite expensive! There's a Pressed near me, but I think I've only gone in once, I spend my money on pastries more often. I've heard it raises your energy level for the first day, but you crash later on. I wonder how a longer one would work out!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'


  3. Annie Abbey says:

    Hey Carmen! Great question (I was skeptical at first too!). The juices sugar contents range, for green juices it is around 1g each, the almond milks at around 10g each, the roots juices being higher at around 12g, and citruses are the highest at around 24g each. Hope that helps 🙂


  4. Annie Abbey says:

    Hey Angelina! I think you should give it a shot! They are indeed expensive but your health is so worth it! As for the crashing part, I still haven't encountered that (I ran 4 miles yesterday at my normal pace) so here is hoping it never comes! Have a lovely Friday!


  5. Charity says:

    I think I could handle a one day cleanse! I have seen pressed all over the internet but we don't have one close to us. I've done a 5 day cleanse with smoothies and soups and felt amazing afterwards. Great post…


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