Geeking Out Over My Popsugar Must Have Box

When it comes to shopping online, I am ashamed to admit that I am probably single-handedly keeping amazon financially afloat with all of the junk that I buy online. That is not to say that I am always buying clothes or expensive things, sometimes I just buy stuff we need, like bulk shampoo, because as dumb as it sounds I am such a fangirl for getting packages delivered. To me, something about it resembles Christmas morning and tearing your way through to the treasure – though it is not quite as exciting when the “treasure” is a new hubcap to replace the one that someone stole off my car.

Either way, this love of mail order gifts is why I am so so excited to share something awesome I recently discovered with you guys. It is called the Popsugar Must Have Box and it is my new favorite thing. For only $39.95 a month you can get a box full of goodies (totaling over $100 retail value) that are curated by Popsugar’s editor in chief Lisa Sugar, ย delivered right to your door (with free shipping). Believe me, once you open the first box you will never want to end your subscription!

So what types of goodies come in the box Annie? Glad you asked. You can see all of my gifties below! My favorite is the arrow ring from Jewelry Storm and the Tilo scarf.

The Breakdown
Food Stairs Sugar – Cookie Kit
Jewelry Storm – Arrow Ring
Tilo – Scarf
Victoria’s Secret – Running Socks
Fringe – Ring Dish
Beauty Counter – Cleanser
Victoria’s Secretย – Body Lotion
Have you ever subscribed to the must have box or a similar service? What was your experience like?

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