1 Spirit 3 Ways with Pharmacie

Hello all! Today I am so, so, excited to get to introduce you to Talmadge Lowe, the face of an amazing Los Angeles based cocktail company named Pharmacie. Talmadge is a true cocktail genius who has had his recipes featured everywhere from Martha Stewart Weddings, to the Los Angeles Times, to Design Sponge. He is a wealth of cocktail knowledge and like the true drinkist that he is, Talmadge loves to invent new ways of remaking old favorites. Today we have the honor of learning the recipes to three wildly different cocktails using just one spirit. This is perfect for any newbies out there seeking out some bartending skills without breaking the bank!

Anyways, enough rambling from me, it is about time we get to the post right!? Without further adieu, here is how our wonderful guest crafted three cocktails from one spirit.


24 thoughts on “1 Spirit 3 Ways with Pharmacie

  1. Keshia Shea says:

    What an adorably accurate name!!! PHARMACIE that's awesome and clever…and i love a good play on words!!! I also think this post is perfect..i HATE buying a bottle of something and drinking the same boring drink over and over until its gone…variety is the spice of life!!


  2. Ice Pandora says:

    Yikes, I feel a little bit ashamed because I have
    never had a real cocktail in my life before. I'm not
    really alcohol drinker but I do like sweet alcohol
    and cocktails tend to be a sweet alcohol beverage right?
    ๐Ÿ˜› I'd love to try out the Sugar Wood Sour one! Xx
    Ice Pandora


  3. Annie Abbey says:

    That is fair enough haha! Most bourbon cocktails are a little on the stronger in my experience, but vodka, rum and tequila cocktails are often very sweet! Good luck on your cocktail quest! xx


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