Genuinely Cool Stuff 3.1.16

Hello beautiful people! I hope that you are all having a great week so far (and a lovely leap day). We just got back from California on Sunday where we spent the last week by the shore in Santa Cruz and snowboarding at Dodge Ridge. It was so nice to squeeze in some quality time with my family and in-laws as well as cramming in a three days of what is truly my favorite sport on earth.

Anyways, amongst all this traveling chaos I rummaged up a few goodies from across the internet this week. Today’s genuinely cool stuff post includes the best french onion soup to warm your soul, the coolest outdoor cinemas you’ve ever seen and how to dress like an off duty model!

1. This hearty french onion soup sounds perfect for chilly nights // The Curvy Carrot
2. Digging this Amsterdam travel guide // The Journey Junkie
3. The perfect explanation of short hair girl troubles // Her Campus
4. Totally obsessing over these wooden trays // Urban Outfitters
5. The coolest list of outdoor cinemas around the globe // Venue Report
6. The most beautiful and bright Australian home // Apartment Therapy
7. Six cool tips for how to dress like an off duty model // Star Style
8. How stunning is this gold and marble ring!? // Wanderlust + Co

Hope you enjoy!

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