5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Spa

When I was in Mexico last month I had the pleasure of doing something I have never done before, spend a day at the spa. Let me tell you, I now totally get why people spend weeks at the spa! It was one of the most amazing relaxing experiences I have had in my entire life! However, not everyday is a vacation and I cannot justify shelling out $300 every time I feel stressed, so I utilized my experience at the spa as a way to gain tips for making my home a more zen environment. There are so many smalls things that we can do every single day to make our lives less stressful and our bedrooms more relaxing. The truth is that 35% of Americans do not get a good night’s rest each night because of so many factors we are the cause of! With this week being National Sleep Awareness Week and all, I thought it would be prime time to share with you, my six ultimate tips to a wonderful night of sleep!

1. Start with the right sheets to create total body comfort
You can’t feel relaxed if your sheets feel scratchy or dirty, it is all about starting out with a comfortable structure for sleeping. When I was getting my massage I felt so clean and comfy against their smooth sheets I practically fell asleep immediately! Crane and Canopy offer a plethora of slinky, soft, irresistible sheets at an affordable price point (my favorites can be found here). Having great sheets is an investment and is totally worth the money, plus it is the biggest key to a restful night of sleep.

2. Heat things up a bit
While scientists have proven that we stay asleep better in a slightly chiller room (around 68 degrees), I know that I can fall asleep much faster if my muscles feel warm and relaxed. When I got my facial, they placed a hot rice pillow underneath my sheets to subtly warm up my neck and shoulders and help me relax. It felt incredible and a few weeks back when I slept on my neck funny I did this trick and it straightened it right out. Now I practice this most nights since I carry a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders and this is a super fast way to comfortably work it out. I simply fill any pillow case we have on hand with a bag of rice that has been heated in the microwave. It heats up fast but stays warm for a pretty long time!

3. Keep the light and mood soft

Nothing keeps you awake more than bright fluorescent lights or blaring, unrelenting noises. That is why it is super important to keep the whole mood in your bedroom zen and harmonious with subtle sounds like water dripping, or meditation bells, just something quiet and soothing (Youtube has some great options like this one or this one). Alongside those soft sounds it is important to have nice, dim lighting, ideally provided entirely by candles.
4. Add in some calming aromas
When A and I did our couples massage we were both so obsessed with the essential oils that they used (we have since deduced that it was a blend of lavender and that is why it made us both so sleepy). One of the major keys to relaxation is to relax all of your five senses, including smell! I use an essential oil from DoTerra called serenity and rub it into the soles of my feet (where your pores are the largest) to help calm me. I also mix in some lavender essential oil into my air diffuser to make the whole room smell nice, and trust me, it puts you right to sleep!

5. Less screen time, more sheet time

And finally, I am sure that we have all heard how blue light from your screen can affect your sleep cycle. I know it is hard, but having an hour of “screen-free” time before bed is super important for a good night of sleep! I like to take an hour and read in my room before any relaxation time or sleeptime. If you absolutely cannot live without Netflix before bedtime or you are not into reading, try our F.lux on your screen. F.lux is software from Apple (free to download here) that takes out the blue light in your screen (which is what keeps you up and stimulates your brain) and alters the light to look more like natural indoor lighting. The screen color seems a bit odd at first but your eyes quickly adapt (kind of like putting on goggles before skiing).
Do you have any other ways to promote a good night’s rest?

10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Spa

  1. Joanna says:

    When I saw the title of this post, I knew I had to read it! I've been to a spa several times in my life and those were all incredible experiences. I love how you made an attempt to take the spa atmosphere to your own bedroom. I agree that a great set of sheets is everything, I also like having some candles around in the evening. But I had no idea about this hot rice bag trick, I've got to try it out!



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