Genuinely Cool Stuff 3.8.16

Hello friends! I hope that your week has been fabulous so far, I know mine has! Things have been so chaotic this past few weeks (we were only home for ten days in February) so A and I really enjoyed having some serious downtime last weekend. We finally got our lives straightened out (i.e. unpacking, doing laundry, vacuuming the car, yada yada yada…) and even slept in a bit. Thanks to said relaxing/kick butt weekend, this week is off to a great start and I am feeling organized and ready to take on the world! In the meantime, here are the best links I found across the internet this week, including: your guide to the five piece French wardrobe, how to make your own D.I.Y. herb garden, and a diary documenting the results of a girl who endured a two week skin detox diet.

Enjoy! xx

1. How sweet is this succulent shaped candle? // Anthropologie
2. The cutest little bunny print ever, just in time for Easter! // Mein Lila Park
3. Your guide to the ultimate French 5 Piece Wardrobe // Who What Wear
4. The best ever cheat sheets for a good hair day // BuzzFeed
5. Interesting article on how to transition between two flooring types // Apartment Therapy
6. I am excited to make this kitchen herb garden planter // Design Sponge
7. A really, really helpful guide to talking bar lingo // Obsev
8. Thinking I might test out this skin cleanse diet // Lauren Conrad


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