D.I.Y. Triple Tassel Necklace

I have been seeing a ton of tassels out and about lately and I have to say I am really digging it. Tassels have a sort of boho-airness to them that makes me think of summer days spent by the pool in Mexico (not oddly specific imagery at all) and I tried to emulate that vibe in a necklace. This little number only took a few moments to make, but I think it is a pretty simple way to get any outfit ready for the inevitable sunny days to come. I plan on wearing it to Easter brunch and maybe pool party or two once the weather warms up!

Here’s What You’ll Need:
Silk cord – 24 inches
End cups – 3
Jump rings – 3
Embroidery thread
Fabric scissors
Glue gun
Step 1:
Take your embroidery thread and cut off two inches past the looped end. Depending on how big your end cups are you can either use half of a thread bunch or an entire thread bunch (I used half a bunch per tassel since I used 3mm end cups and they were on the small side). Save one piece of thread to tie around your tassels once you have pulled them through the loops of the end cups.
Step 2:

Once all of your tassels are made, trim the bottom to be level and place a jump ring through each end cups. Thread your tassels (now on the jump rings) onto your silk cord. Then all you need to do is put the tiniest dab of glue onto the end of your cord and insert it into your hook and eye clasps (be sure to wipe off any excess glue).

That is it! Voila you have a fun, runway-ready tassel necklace!
This post was graciously sponsored by endlessleather, all opinions are my own.


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