Genuinely Cool Stuff 3.15.16

Hello buddies! I hope that you are all having wonderfully productive and fun weeks like I am so far! Over the weekend A and I spent much of our time hanging out in the sunshine and enjoying these first few days of nice weather! I am excited for daylight savings and to see the nights getting longer (it means summer in on the way soonish!). Anywho, this week’s Genuinely Cool Stuff post includes a lot of links related to spring since I am seriously in the mindset for it! Links include: Nine items to refresh your wardrobe for spring, some easy spring cleaning tips, and the most incredible sounding honey frosted lavender cupcakes you could ever imagine!

Happy reading xx!

1. I will definitely be making these lavender honey cupcakes for spring // Huffington Post
2. Love the money saving idea of creating my own wall planter // A Merry Thought
3. This podcast has been keeping me up at night in terror // The Black Tapes
4. I am loving the embellished bandana trend // Free People
5. A great list of 9 items to refresh your closet for spring // Who What Wear
6. How clever is that D.I.Y. disinfecting yoga mat spray? // The Savvy Oiler
7. Just in time for spring, simplifying your spring cleaning // Cupcakes and Cashmere
8. Loving this tour of Honeywood Vintage in LA // Apartment Therapy


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