The 5 Bag Shapes You Need This Spring

Since as of yesterday it is finally spring time, I figured it would be time to round up the freshest crop of splurge worthy, drool-inducing key bags to buy for this warm days ahead. I tried to choose bags based on different uses and purposes, but also graded them on the “how cute is this!?” scale (rest assured they all scored very high). Read below for all of the bags you better be rushing out to buy for the spring weather to come (before they sell out)!

The Bright Crossbody // Urban Expressions

Nothing says “I am going to an outdoor concert then to drinks on a patio” like this super easy to outfit, teensy little crossbody. It is just the right size to be the pop of color your outfit needs without overwhelming you and it still has just the right amount of space to hold your bare essentials without getting in the way. It is also one of the few crossbody bags that can hold my ginormous iPhone 6 Plus and it is vegan leather, so it is a total keeper. 

The Jumbo Carry-All // Urban Expressions

This bag is all about function and style melted into one. I have used this bag as an airport carry-on as well as a day-to-day bag for holding the copious amounts of things I feel the need to carry around everyday (see my “bag inside my bag” post here). When choosing a jumbo day to day bag, I typically try to pick a neutral color so it can be as versatile as possible. P.S. This bag is also vegan leather! Whoohoo cruelty free!

The Structured Formal Bag // Kate Spade (similar here)

This bag is the perfect shape for any weddings, baby showers or semi-formal birthday parties you might be attending this season. It is the perfect structure that you can hoard all of your junk in without it looking sloppy. The bright pop color is also a fun addition to any outfit and will help you stay fun while still looking posh.

The Backpack // BBlackBox

This might not be for your everyday use, but trust me it is super important to have a durable, adventure-ready backpack on hand for the upcoming warmer months. This guy is made from super substantial cotton canvas and is the perfect size for storing all your essentials for a picnic by the lake or an all day hike! I also like to use it as my weekender bag for road trips! Bonus? It is made in the USA by artists in the bay area and 10% of proceeds are donated to Love146, a charity that helps to abolish child trafficking!
The Foldover // Urban Expressions
I feel like recently I have been seeing these bags everywhere and I am so excited to finally personally own one! This bag is also made from vegan leather and is the perfect transitional bag. I love using the outer pocket for my phone and just flipping the handle over, it gives off a casual vibe. I think I probably use this bag the most, because it is a great scale and there are so many zippers!

What are your favorite bag shapes for the spring season?
**This post was sponsored by Urban Expressions and BBlackBox, all opinions are my own.**

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