Floral Midi Skirt

I don’t know about you, but the second the weather gets even the teensiest bit warm, I jump into full blown summer garb. Yes it seems silly to bust out the Birkenstocks when it is still in the fifties, but I don’t play by your rules. This floral skirt is one of my favorite old standbys for spring and I am thoroughly excited to be wearing it as well as my other favorite stand-by, the classic vans slip on. But alas, the most amazing thing about this outfit? The jumbo, carry-all, slice of heaven Zuma bag from Urban Expressions. It carries everything I need to have on me at all times, as well as all the other

Also don’t forget that I have an exclusive coupon code from Urban Expressions that is good for 25% off of theย ENTIRE SITE!ย All you need to do is offer coupon code: UE25BNJGB at checkout! Happy shopping!

I am Wearing:
T-shirt (Topshop), Skirt (Abercrombie, old similar here), Slip Ons (Vans), Sunnies (Firmoo)
*This post was generously sponsored by Urban Expression, all opinions are my own.*

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