Dirty Hairstyles

Hello all and happy April! April is one of my favorite months because it contains Earth Day, the best holiday of them all. In honor of Earth Day I have decided to make the entire month of April my own version of…we’ll call it “Earth Month”. Having a blog is amazing because it gives me the opportunity to share some of my favorite tips and tricks for how to live eco-consciously and shop ethically.

Today I am bringing you the three hairstyles that are part of a “no-wash” morning scenario and what I like to call “dirty hairstyles”.  As I mentioned in this post here, not only is washing your hair and skin everyday damaging, it is also a huge waste of water. If living in California during a never ending drought taught me anything, it is how to take a five minute shower twice a week (and maybe a one minute body shower here and there after running). Not only is this a much more conservative way to use water (and lower your water bill!) it is also ideal for those mornings when you forgot you have an 8am meeting or you lost track of time and snuggled with your cat instead of getting out of bed.

Oh and I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet – all of the hair care products I will be using are from the amazing Aveda! Aveda is the perfect company to support in honor of Earth day because not only are their products truly sensational, they also go to exceptional lengths to make sure that they treat the earth with respect. Aveda conducts countless fundraisers to protect clean water, all of their packaging is 100% post-consumer recycled materials, their ingredients are natural and they don’t test on animals!

OK enough gushing, here are three hairstyles are chic and can all be done in a matter of minutes to ensure that they don’t skew your speedy morning routine. When I have a no-shower morning I can be out the door within 10 minutes of waking up (so long as I also follow my five minute face routine!)

The Perfect Messy Bun
Your Product: Defining Whip
The messy bun is a totally classic and is only achievable with dirty hair (a few tutorials I have watched list “get hair dirty” as the first step).

Step 1: Get hair dirty Gently massage a tiny amount (I used a dime size blob for my hair) of the defining whip into your whole head, starting from tip and working up to the roots. I didn’t put any on my scalp area because I have fine hair, but I would suggest it for thicker hair.

Step 2: Pull all of your hair straight above your head (holding from the tip) and twist the hair until it twists around itself. 
Step 3: Put in a few bobby pins to hold it in place, then pull out a few bits of hair out to from the nape of your neck and the rest of your bun to make your bun look a little more lived in.

The Hun

Featured Product: Aveda Dry Shampoo

This style is the fastest of the bunch and also the one I probably sport the most on dirty days. I have very fine hair, light hair and oily skin so I need to use a lot of dry shampoo to keep everything in check and this “shampure” keeps me feeling fresh all day!

Step 1: Puff out a few clouds of dry shampoo into your roots (and fringe in my case) and brush it out until it doesn’t look as stark.

Step 2: Brush the upper crown of your hair up into a high pony.
Step 3: Twist the hair into until it wraps around itself into a mini bun.
Step 4: Then just use a tiny elastic hair tie to secure your bun. Voila!

The Milkmaid
Featured Product: Light Hold Hairspray

Looking like a cute little dutch girl is a good look on everyone, and since this braid covers the top of your head, it also conceals dirty roots. Two birds, one stone!

Step 1: Center part your hair and braid both sides regularly.

Step 2: Wrap each braid over to the other side of your head (sometimes I will twist my braid 180 degrees toward the front of my face if it is kinking weird).
Step 3: Secure hair with bobby pins in a few places across your head.
Step 4: Give your hair a dusting of light hold hair spray (covering your face) to keep your braids fighting against gravity all day! 

*This post was generously sponsored by Aveda. All opinions are my own*


8 thoughts on “Dirty Hairstyles

  1. Annie Abbey says:

    Haha I have never thought of it that way! I used to wear it when I had short hair and I think it is a matter of putting the bun more at the back of the crown of your head instead of topknot placement! Maybe? Haha good luck! 🙂


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