My Take on Becoming "Vegan" + a Delicious Vegan Pizza Recipe

Recently I have gotten a few messages inquiring as to my dietary preferences in relation to meat and dairy. As seen here, here and here, I have been posting a lot of baking recipes that are either vegan or include vegan options and this has gotten some readers asking if I am a vegan. Here’s the thing, I never want to be the person who is hard to cook for or the one who doesn’t have anything to eat on Thanksgiving, I would never want to feel like my dietary preferences were an imposition on anyone. Also, not eating meat and dairy is not a health related issue for me, I think it can be healthy in moderation. To be perfectly honest all I care about is how ethically my food is raised and unfortunately, in the USA today, it is sickening how we treat our animals.

So, on New Year’s day this year, A and I got an idea. We decided that we would stop purchasing meat and dairy when we go grocery shopping. That is literally it. We still eat it if we are at a friend’s house for dinner or my office orders us pizza, but in my eyes we are drastically cutting down on our support for animal based products. The beauty of this is that since we just don’t have meat and dairy in the house we have to learn how to cook non-animal food for ourselves purely out of necessity…we have no other options. We have learned so much in such a short amount of time, from what tempeh and nutritional yeast taste like, to the oh so delicious creaminess of coconut ice cream, to where to get some of the best vegan baking recipes you have ever had (this one and this one are my favorites). I know that we still have a lot to learn, but I am really excited to be openly sharing this journey with you guys!

So in the spirit of no-animal products (or maybe you are just testing out meatless Monday’s) I whipped up a vegan pizza recipe that will blow. Your. Mind. It is so quick and easy to make for a weeknight dinner, but I also like to make an extra pizza to slice up and freeze for even on the go lunches!

Enjoy xx 🙂

For this pizza you can whip up some super delicious vegan pizza dough (I did a half recipe of this version here) and then pile some Trader Joe’s basic marinara (vegan!), some meatless meatlballs (vegan!) and some Daiya or Trader Joe’s imitation mozzarella! For additional toppings you can get creative with whatever you like, but my favorites include grilled onions, garlic, katamala olives and spinach!


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