Your Sustainable Shopping Guide

Hello friends! I hope that you have all been enjoying your week so far and that you have all been fans of our “Earth Month” themed posts! Today, as I mentioned last week, I will not be doing a Genuinely Cool Stuff post. From now on those posts will be done bi-weekly to make room for all of the extra awesome stuff I have building up in my editorial calendar!

Anyways, right now I am super excited to share some of the best brands and items I have heard about in my eco-friendly hunts! From being made with sustainable resources, to donating proceeds to amazing charities and global causes, to being a completely vegan and cruelty-free label, there are so many kick-a** brands out there that need our support! Read on below for just a few of the awesome gifts you can shop from ethical and sustainable, fellow tree-hugging brands!

1.Β Reusable Shopping BagΒ // Baggu (Reusable bags for shopping)
2. Delicious Coffee // Three Avocados (100% of proceeds go to providing clean drinking water)Β 
3. Snack Bars // Larabar (100% vegan and cruelty free)
4. Super Sick Graphic Tee // Gather and See (currates all sustainable designers in one website)
5. Strappy Bralette // Woron (uses special production to eliminate their carbon footprint)
6. Statement Notebook // Nurturing Notes (Made from 100% recycled materials)
7. Gorgeous Cuff // Thread Harvest (made by women in developing countries)
8. Cloth Sandwich Bags // Russbe (reusable sandwich bags to reduce plastic wastage)
9. Round Sunnies // Warby Parker (for every pair bought a pair is donated to someone in need)
10. Canvas Shoes // Toms (for every pair bought a pair is donated to someone in need)

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