Genuinely Cool Stuff 4.19.16

Hello all! I hope that everyone is having a great week so far! I seriously could not be happier with the weather the way it is! It was in the upper seventies all weekend and I spent a lot of it either day drinking on patios or picnicking in the park and soaking up some serious sun – truth be told I still look a bit like a lobster today, but I have never been happier to be one! Anyways this week, with Earth Day fast approaching, we are continuing my favorite sustainability themed Genuinely Cool Stuff! This post includes: how to make you own buffalo tempeh tenders, how to order vegan at non-vegan restaurants, and the best eco-friendly homeware companies!

Enjoy! xx

1. These yummy tempeh buffalo tenders // Fork and Beans
2. Such a sweet guide to planting flowers that help save bees // Old Fashioned Susie
3. Some crunchless ab workout ideas // Women’s Health Mag
4. A cool guide on how to order vegan at a non-vegan restaurant // Banana Bloom
5. The best post-workout foods to help you recover // Ambitious Kitchen
6. Loving these vegan, chambray slip ons // Toms Shoes
7. A collection of the best eco-friendly home brands // My Domaine
8. Loving this guide to zero waste grocery shopping // Eco Cult


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