Upcycling Your Old Candle Containers

If you were to search my house at any given time, I am 99% sure you would find at least six totally burnt out candles that I am still trying to burn to the bottom of the wick. I can’t help it! I am a huge aromatherapy kind of person (I normally have a few candles or incense burning or I have our essential oil diffuser on) and I never want to waste the sweet waxy residue at the bottom of my candles. However, A and I had a scary experience the other day when we burnt one too far down and it heated the glass so much that it exploded in our living room! Thank goodness neither of us were sitting too close to it, but either way I clearly wanted to stop the bad habit and clean out the candle skeleton collection. The only thing about that is that wax can be kind of hard to get out so after a ton of trial and error here is the best way that I discovered to clean out my old candles so I can reuse them for decorative purposes.

Step 1: Fill the candle jars up with boiling water and wait for the wax to soften, then quarter the wax and pull it out in chunks.
Step 2: Once you have taken your wax chunks out, scrub the inside of the candle holder with a toothbrush and some rubbing alcohol. This works insanely well and manages to remove any waxy residue as well as any charcoal reside on the inside of the container.
Step 3: Then once all of your jars are cleaned out you can use them for whatever you would like!  I used the smaller screw-top jar as a travel sized lotion container, but you could also use it as a salt cellar or spice container. As for the bigger containers I windexed them squeaky clean and used them as a new containers for my makeup brushes and q-tips, but you could also use them as planters, pencil cups or even pour in some new wax and make your own candle.
Have you ever upcycled your candle containers?

19 thoughts on “Upcycling Your Old Candle Containers

  1. Annie Abbey says:

    I have never thought of that Sarah! Let me know if that works out…I would be a bit worried about them exploding from the heat, but it should probably be OK if they aren't in there long! Anything to make the process easier! 🙂 xx


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