How to Give Yourself a Proper Manicure at Home + a Giveaway!!! **CLOSED**

Congratulations to our winner Kristin G!

I am not sure if I am alone on this, but typically when I try to give myself a manicure at home, it looks like a four year old did it – I wish I was being hyperbolic when I say that. I am not sure whether it is my impatience in waiting for the polish to dry…OK I am sure…that is 100% why. I am the kind of person who paints their nails and then promptly falls asleep on a sherpa pillow or starts a D.I.Y. project.

The main issue with my childlike level of impatience is that now thanks to the wonders of blogging, my job is very outfacing and small details (like a horrible manicure) are made visible to my readers and can be off putting or distracting from whatever tutorial or instagram post I am putting out there. What I am getting at is that since I am being forced to act like an adult woman and properly manicure my nails every Sunday, it is about time I learned how to do a proper job. After a lot of trial and error, here are the best steps I have found to giving yourself a spa worthy manicure at home! Also be sure to read the entire post for guidelines on how to enter our manicure giveaway!  

Step 1: Remove your old nail polish thoroughly

This is one of the most important steps and a good nail polish remover key! Nasty chemical nail removers dry out your nails and smell horrible. That is why I started using Karma Organic Spa’s Soybean Oil and Lavender Nail Polish Remover, because it removes the polish so effectively and leaves my nails healthy and strong.

Step 2: Give your nails a good soak

If you get dry nails beds and cuticles like I do, this is super important. I use a shallow bowl of warm water with a tablespoon of olive oil, a slice of lemon, a drizzle of honey and a teaspoon of salt. Aim to soak your fingertips for a good eight to ten minutes – I do this while watching Netflix so I don’t get bored.
Step 3: Scrubs your nails and clean underneath
Using a nail brush buff your fingernails clean (this is an easy way to gently remove dead skin. Once your nails are fresh and clean on top, gingerly clean out under your nails with a metal hooked nail file. 
Step 4: Lotion up and massage your hands
This is a step that I always want to skip but it is really important. Your hands are exposed to awful things daily (drying public bathroom soaps, UV rays etc, etc) and they are in need of some TLC. Hydrate with some super thick hand specific lotion and be sure to have your massage last at least five minutes.

Step 5: Give your cuticles some lovin’

My cuticles are perpetually dry and nasty and I recently discovered it is because I trim them which in turn drys them out and creates hangnails. I have made the switch to applying cuticle oil (I love Organic Karma Spa’s Cuticle Oil with Tea Tree Oil) every night to ensure that my cuticles are soft and supple, and then I push them back using the end of my old cuticle trimmer. This gives the visual of my nails looking longer (since they are paper thin and never grow very long) and doesn’t damage my skin. 
Step 6: Shape your nails
Shape your nails however your desire using an emery board. I am always sure to buff only in one direction because it keeps the edges of your nails from fraying. 
Step 7: Polish it up
The most obvious of all the steps. I always try to polish the whole nail in three strokes (left, right then center) to ensure a smooth coat. Be sure to do two coats of polish and one layer of a protective top coat.
Step 8: Don’t try to eat a bag of chips Let your nails dry

This is a very important step that I like to ignore. The way I think of it now is that I wait exactly how long I would wait for them to dry if I were at a salon. If getting my nails professionally done takes 45 minutes, than that is how long it should take to do my nails at home! Wait at least 15-20 minutes for this step and catch up on some TED talks or a great podcast!

I hope that you have found this post helpful, and that it is getting you in the mindset to give yourself a proper manicure. Also (I saved the best for last here) you can give yourself a lovely spa pedicure at home using the amazing organic and nourishing products from Karma Spa Organics if you comment below and follow along on Instagram to enter the giveaway! You will win an entire bottle of their lavender nail polish remover and their tea tree cuticle oil so you can give your nails the love they deserve. Giveaway ends Thursday April 28th at 8pm EST.

Good luck! xx
*This post was sponsored by Karma Organic Spa. All opinions are and will always be my own. Thank you for supporting the content that keeps Something Swell going.*

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