Tips for House Guests I Learned from Airbnb

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A and I often enjoy entertaining overnight guests at our house, it sort of comes with the territory of moving to the other side of the country from the people you love. Having house guests can add so much joy to a basic weekend, but it can also add so much stress! That is why I have been routinely picking up tips from all of the Airbnbs A and I have stayed at in the past few years. This is seriously the ultimate place for tips because you realize your necessities and you can note whether or not they are met. Anyways, with wedding season and the fun summer months approaching, I thought that I would share a few of the best tips that we have learned to get you prepared for the swarm of guests that will be arriving on your doorstep in only a few short months.

You know that special feeling you get when you know that your host leaves a visible treat out for you? Or maybe that is just me and my inner child….point is that it makes you feel welcome and special and it is such a small task to complete. We like to leave Andes mints on our guests pillows and we have been chatting about getting a Keurig for the guest bedroom so if our guests wake up before us they don’t have to wait for us to set up our complicated, fancy coffee maker downstairs. I think that Keurigs are really wasteful normally (so much plastic per cup!), but a coworker recently introduced me to the reusable keurig cups that you fill with your own regular quick brewing grounds. The perfect solution to convenience and sustainability! 


There is nothing more humiliating than having to ask for a plunger or extra toilet paper while you are staying at someone else’s home. All of the bnbs we have stayed in have made a point to make these kinds of embarrassing items readily available to their guest, to avoid any awkwardness. Keeping a few spare rolls of TP, some air freshener, tampons, and plungers in a visible (but not cluttered) location will save both you and your guest some awkward chats. 
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If your friends are anything like ours, they eat A LOT. I always make a conscious note to try and stock up on easy no-cook snacks like fresh fruit, mixed nuts, pretzels and cookies. Having these available keeps your guests from feeling awkward about asking for food if they are hungry in between meals. When we were in Australia our Airbnb came prepped and ready with bread, margarine, fruits and teas (I forgot to take a picture of it!). It was such a nice welcoming I am sure that your guests will appreciate it as well.


There is no relief as great as when you arrive at an Airbnb at 2am and realize you forgot your toothpaste, but your host has already left some extra out! Ta-da! Leaving out simple toiletries in your guest bathroom like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc. can be super helpful in dire times. Additionally to that, leave your wifi name and password out for your guests on a chalkboard or framed image like our host did in Nashville. It is a sad reality that it is very important that most of us are connected to the web, even on vacations.

What is your favorite guest room tip?

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