Recycled Bottle Cap Tray

All of you know that when it comes to recycling, I am about as big of an advocate as you can be. I refuse to throw anything away that could have potential use (this can be bad in terms of staying organized…or worse in terms of food expiration dates…) but it also comes in super handy for D.I.Y. materials. I have been forcing A to save all of his beer bottle caps for the last two years and I must say that it was super handy for this new project I concocted! I love decorating my bar cart and thinking of fancy new ways to display our booze collection – it is not that we are super big drinkers or anything, it is more of a “I feel like a fancy female Don Draper” sort of thing. That is why I finally decided to craft a kind of “brew themed” tray to display our liquor collection with this project).
It was really easy to make and I think it looks pretty damn spiffy if I do say so myself! Here is how you can make your own recycled bottle cap tray!
What You’ll Need:
A Wooden or Acrylic Tray (I got mine from Goodwill for $2)
Two Colors of Paint
Acrylic Glaze (I already had some of this lying around)
Sandpaper (if you’re using a wooden tray that you would like to paint)

Step 1 (only applicable if you are using a wooden tray):
Sand down your wooden tray with sandpaper until the finish has come off and it is smooth and clean enough to be prepped for painting. Be sure to WIPE OFF the tray once you are done sanding it so you don’t get chunks of wood dust in your paint coats. Also make sure that you do two coats of paint and seal it with some sort of varnish (letting each coat properly dry in between).

Step 2:
Take your bottle caps and count how many you will need for the tray (what spacing you want, how many caps can fit lengthwise, widthwise etc.) then lay them flat on newspaper. Be sure to check each bottle cap for imperfections – sometimes A opens his beers like a beast and the tops get dented. Now you are ready to paint the caps. I used black acrylic paint and gold spray paint to see if one had a better outcome than the other but they both worked great.

Step 3:
Now we get to the fun part! Once both your caps and your dry are completely dry to the touch, lay your bottle caps out in the pattern that you would like, I just did alternating colors but you could get creative and do chevrons or spirals or something. Once you have everything set up, read the instructions on your varnish box to ensure that you mix everything correctly for the epoxy. Be sure to pour very slowly and evenly because if you put too much on one side of the tray it will create pressure and shift the bottle caps out of place (also creating air bubbles). Let the epoxy dry as per the box’s instructions, and that is it!!!! You now have a breathtaking tray for all of your boozy, brewy needs 🙂
Have you ever done a bottlecap recycling project?

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