Making The Switch to All Natural Deodorant

So while we are on a real taboo subject kick this week (we already talked about period panties, I mean come on) I thought it would be a great idea to share another endeavor I have started in an effort to live more organically. When I first heard about people switching to natural deodorant, I must admit I was a little skeptical. That Portlandia skit – where they sell natural deodorant that you have to use twenty coats of and it still doesn’t work – kept cropping up into my brain. That was until I heard the rave reviews about Schmidt’s all natural deodorant from tons of noteworthy sources and celebrities including InStyle magazine and Alicia Silverstone (who by the way has an amazing vegan inspired website called The Kind Life).

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So let’s get real for a second, why is everyone so opposed to the idea of natural deodorant? I am not sure about others, but as someone who sweats a fair amount (whether that is caused by anxiety or heat I am not sure) I have always been concerned that a) it won’t work and I will be left with embarrassing sweat stains on my shirt in a meeting or b) I will smell bad. Either way I decided to take the scary plunge and test out all natural deodorant for a two week period and see what happened. For frame of reference, I have tried every clinical strength deodorant/anti-antiperspirant under the sun to no avail. I even considered a minor surgical procedure before my wedding day, but didn’t in the end because I was told the sweat would form in other places like the backs of my knees. For years I have just been living with the realization that I cannot wear white button downs or baby tees without staining them or sweating through them. Full disclosure? The reason I have SO MANY white muscle tees is because they started off as regular tees that I got sweat stains on. Yeah, gross I know.

So what happened when I used Schmidt’s? I. Stopped. Sweating. Like, I essentially just don’t anymore. The reason is because Schmidt’s doesn’t act the way other deodorants do – by clogging your pores to stop the release of sweat. For many people who sweat a lot, blocking your sweat glands just means a build up and then Niagara Falls under your pits a few hours later. Schmidt’s on the other hand, works to absorb sweat when it comes out. It has arrowroot powder that is wonderfully scented (I have both the lavender and sage and cedarwood and juniper scents) that work fast to keep you dry and smelling incredible.

Oh and if that weren’t enough incentive to switch, remember that Schmidt’s is also cruelty free (vegan) and runs an epic recycling incentive program for its glass container deodorants. Plus if you are hypoallergenic or just sensitive to scents, they do offer fragrance free options.

So would you ever consider the change to a natural deodorant? If you are ready to take on the challenge I would suggest reading this underarm detox guide and be 100% sure to use this offer code: “SOMETHINGSWELL”for 15% off of all purchases from the Schmidt’s website. I cannot urge everyone to try it out enough! 🙂

*This post was sponsored by Schmidt’s. All opinions are, and will always be, my own. Thank you for supporting the content that keeps Something Swell going.*

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